Daily digestion – How it works?

Daily digestion – How it works?

The daily digestion cycle is divided in 3 phases: cleansing, nutrition and digestion phase which occur in this order. Each phase lasts for 8 hours. The starting time of each phase is specific to each body and depends on the exact  lifestyle, i.e. what time you wake up, have lunch, dinner etc. If you always or at least in most cases observe the same feeding  time, then your body has already built a routine. However, if you skip meals or they are in  completely different time every day, it is necessary to work on this. The lack of meal plan stresses the body and it strives to accumulate reserves.

Cleansing phase

daily digestionFor most  people this phase is between 4 AM and noon. It coincides with the breakfast time. You may consume only fruits or vegetables and you have to drink a lot of liquids (water, tea) during this phase. The fruits and vegetables may be replaced by fruit juices (without any sweeteners) or vegetable juices (without any spices). It is important not to mix them in one meal, so the body could absorb them faster with no stress. It is also allowed to have more than one breakfast as each type of fruit, vegetable or juice counts as one meal. According to the 90-Day Diet, a 2 hours interval between the meals must be allowed in this phase. Note that you should not skip the breakfast, because it “awakens” the digestion and prepares the body for the next meals: lunch and dinner. So if you are not used to having breakfast, it is the perfect time to start. You can begin with something small, i.e. dates and to proceed gradually to the recommended amounts of food.

Nutrition phase

This phase is between noon and 8 PM for most people and includes the lunch and dinner time. It is recommended to have dinner not later than 8 PM. There are no intermediate meals, excluding the Vitamin days, so in order to stand until dinner time, consider when is the best time to have lunch and when to have your last breakfast respectively. Everything depends on how you feel. Some people  have their lunch meal at  noon and then  dinner at 6 PM without feeling hungry afterwards. If it is hard for you, eat your last breakfast not later than noon and have your lunch at 2 PM. Add a large salad and the permitted slice of bread to your lunch. This way you will easily endure until 8 PM without feeling hunger. Another advantage of the late dinner is that you will stand until bedtime without having to eat anything else after dinner. The amount of food consumed during the nutrition phase is not as important (although there are restrictions) as the products combination and the intervals between the meals. Try not to consume additional food besides the planned meals. It will be hard in the beginning, but do not worry: after 1 or 2 4-day cycles, your body will adjust to the new meal plan and you will start to prefer it.

Digestion phase

The Digestion phase occurs during the night. It starts after dinner and lasts for 8 hours. You must not consume any food during this time.
The main purpose of the nutrition during the 90-Day Diet is to build a regular meal plan, which will help the body to „forget“ the stress of previous starvation and food deprivation and to also dispose the accumulated fat. If you have been dieting recently and you have been starving, the process of getting rid of the accumulated fat will start a little bit later. This will happen once your body adjusts to the new meal plan, by which the food consumption is enough and the accumulation of reserves is not necessary. Another key element are the food combinations, which lead to better and easier digestion, ensuring maximum benefit for the body.