Foods for Protein Days

Protein Day Foods

List of example foods for Protein Days:

Yougurt and Milk:
– Tzatziki (Greek salad)
– Yogurt
– Zucchini with yogurt
– Peppers with milk and cheese

– Greek salad
– Stuffed eggplant with onion and cheese
– Stuffed eggplant with tomato and cheese
– Tomatoes with cheese
– Stuffed peppers with cheese
– Stew with mushrooms and cheese (without meat)
– Roasted broccoli with cheese
– Roasted mushrooms with blue cheese
– Roasted peppers with cheese
– Grilled cheese
– Roasted broccoli with cheese and cream sauce
– Stuffed peppers with cheese
– Baked avocado stuffed with cheese
– Baked tomatoes stuffed with cheese and mushrooms
– Roasted mushrooms with butter and blue cheese
– Peppers with milk and cheese

– Spinach with eggs
– Omelette (without cheese) with peppers and mushrooms
– Omelette (without cheese) with spices
– Eggs poached
– Scrambled eggs with paprika
– Green salad with boiled eggs
– Shakshuka (with eggs)


Fish and seafood:
– Grilled trout
– Mackerel in tomato sauce
– Fish grilled
– Seafood
– Roasted trout
– Squids
– Clams
– Cancer
– Octopus
– Crabs

Mixed Meat:
– Stuffed eggplant with minced meat baked
– Stuffed eggplant with minced meat

Chicken/ Duck/ Turkey:
– Chicken breast
– Chicken skewer
– Chicken with leeks
– Chicken leg grilled
– Grilled chicken
– Fresh salad with chicken
– Chicken with sauerkraut
– Chicken with mushrooms
Chicken on salt

Beef and Veal:
– Boiled beef
– Beef boiled
– Beef stew (without potatoes)
– Beef with vegetables

– Pork steak
– Roasted pork ribs
– Pork with sauerkraut
– Pork with leeks
– Pork chops with mushrooms in Jena glass

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