About 90-Day Diet

90-day diet

About 90-Day Diet

90-Day Diet is90-Day Diet also known as diet “Rina 90” or Rina’s Diet. It is published for the first time in 2000 as a guide to food separation diet and food combining diet from Rina magazine. Since then has undergone many changes, based on the experience of the people, obeyed the regime. Its popularity is due to the fact that it helps to loose weight without starvation and deprivation of the body of important nutrients.

The diet relies on the principles of food combining and the principles of rotation of carbohydrates (carb cycling) by regulating and boosting the metabolism. Thanks to that maximum results are achieved.

Very good results are observed in people suffering from diseases of the thyroid gland, but it is important to exclude from their menu the contraindication foods. However, it is recommended that before you start with your diet to consult with a physician.

Diet and Diet Break

90-Day DietThe diet is divided into two parts: diet and break. The first part is the so-called “90 Day Diet”, which is 91 or 88 days (if the water days are avoided). If you have completed the first part then you have to proceed to the second part, or so-called regime “90 Day Break”. The main objective of regime “break” is to start feeding the body and keep the achieved weight. The length of the second part must be equal to the length of the first one, i.e: if 1st. part was 88 days, the second part should also be 88 days.

The omission of “break” mode can lead to recapture the initial weight, so don’t underestimate it! Some people are achieving the desired results sooner. In this case, they may cut off your diet and switch to the second part. If the 91 days do not achieve the desired results, it is necessary however to proceed to “break” mode. It is not recommended to follow the first part of the diet for more than 91 days, because the body has a chance to get used to the regime and to get the opposite effect, i.e: instead of losing weight, you start to gain. During the “break” you lose weight also, though less. This mode will help you to confirm the results and to make the body “to forget” about your diet. Only then the diet can be repeated.

90-Day DietSometimes there is a drastic change in weight in the very first days. Very often this means that your body tends to retain fluids which are released from the very beginning. If this is not your case – do not worry! The good news is that you are not prone to water retention.

Some people lose a lot of weight right in the first weeks, and then lose continuously as a slower pace.  In other people weight reduction starts after the first water day. Every organism needs its time to adapt to the new regime, so you should not give up if you are slowing the pace or you reach a plateau (stop loosing weight for a while).



Explore the diet and get acquainted with the daily meal plan.

1st day: Protein day
2nd day: Starch day
3rd day: Carbs day
4th day: Vitamin day
29th day: Water day

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